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Brunch Menu Catering Ideas for Business Meetings

Brunch business meetings are rarely something that you look forward to. You barely had time to catch breakfast amidst the morning rush so you lack the motivation to do anything at all. Hence, smart planning about the brunch menu for corporate catering Melbourne has today is a crucial aspect to make the business meeting a success. If you are responsible for organizing this meeting, you want to make sure that those who are going to attend the brunch meeting will not only feel energized, but also have a healthy start to their day.


Below are some brunch menu items that you can include when you work with office catering Melbourne has today:

Churro Mini Muffins

These churro mini muffins are the perfect excuse to eat something sweet for your brunch. Plus, sugar provides a burst of energy – so it is a good option to incorporate into your brunch meal.

Mushroom and Egg White Omelet

Omelet is a classic choice for a breakfast meal. But to make it fit for a brunch business meeting meal, adding mushroom will provide more protein to your meal. It is both light and ultra nourishing to your belly.

Breakfast Sandwich

A sandwich option should never go missing when you work with Yarra Valley catering for your brunch business meeting. The egg and ham provide the protein you need so you are ready to face the challenges of your day. Meanwhile, the bread provides the carbohydrates you need.


This is another breakfast classic that can be easily incorporated into a brunch menu. A corporate catering Melbourne has to offer can incorporate two types of waffles for the corporate folks: a savory and a sweet option.


Salads are great for lunch time, but you can get an early start on your salad cravings by including this in the brunch menu. Whether you’re headed for a brunch meeting or not, this will get you ready to face the day.

Egg Benedict

This is a highly technical dish that will satisfy your palate. If you can include this into your brunch menu, it will be a hit!

Chicken Sliders

As you can see from the other dishes in this list, mixing a good balance of sweet and savory is a good way to go for brunch. You need to include this when you work with corporate catering Melbourne has to offer because this is another classic brunch option. The waffle is light, fluffy and sweet, which is a great contrast to the savory and hearty chicken.

French Toast

What is brunch without a French toast, right? The best part about a French toast is that there are so many ways and ideas you can try. You can top it with nuts, berries and other types of fruits – you name it, your possibilities are endless! See more at Essential Caterer


Having bagels for brunch is as homey as it can get. You can top your bagel with either sweet or savory ingredients. Either way, it will make the catering menu for your brunch business meeting even better!

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A New Party Experience with Gourmet Finger Foods

Whether you have a corporate dinner or a birthday party, you can transform the entire occasion into a finger licking experience. Involving reliable providers such as Food Suppliers Perth - Sticky Fingers can reveal a whole generation of finger foods that you never knew existed. All the same, you need to plan, organize, and execute activities in a way that will make the occasion stand out. In that regard, you can invest in the services of a professional event organizer or take the task upon your shoulders.

Food Suppliers Perth - Sticky Fingers

When you engage an experienced chef, you can find a variety of gourmet foods that you can use to treat your guests. For example, you can use gourmet pizza spiced up with various finger foods to add variety. It calls for the expertise and experience of a chef to give your guests a remarkable gourmet experience. That is why services of Food Suppliers Perth – Sticky Fingers, are important.

Once prepared by qualified chefs, finger foods such as Dukkah, Harisa, or Marinades can transform your party into a never-to-be-forgotten food experience. So what should you consider when planning your finger food menu? Read on to find out.

Variety:  they say variety is the spice of life. In planning your finger food menu, the phrase fits squarely well. With an experienced chef, you should be able to include various finger foods on the menu to cater for the varying tastes of your guests. Besides, when planning the menu, consider that some guests may be vegetarians while others may be at ease with meat products. Once you cater for the needs of every guest, the party will remain lively with every visitor licking his or her fingers.

Quantity: nothing is disappointing as serving your guests with less food. It means your party will be a negative memorable experience. The quantity of food you need for your party depends on the number of guests invited. But then again, you should always provide slightly more. If you’re not good at approximations, you should rely on your chef for relevant measures.

The Design of service: Professional chefs know various ways in which to present food to guests. Whether it is finger foods or main meals, you should consult your chef to come up with a professional method of food presentation and service. Professionalism in food service motivates your guests and makes them want to have a bite. Therefore, consider this as well when planning your gourmet menu.

Choosing the right chef for your party

Regardless of the size of your event, you can find a reliable chef to give your visitors a lasting food experience. Selecting the right food supplier to your event is the first step to ensure its success. In fact, many suppliers do exist, includingFood Suppliers Perth – Sticky Fingers. However, not every supplier out there can meet your unique demands. Remember to explore the options available and choose only what is best suited for your occasion.

For example, when selecting a food supplier for the occasion, ask around those who have had similar occasions. You can get leads to some of the best providers in the area.

Revise Your Grilling Tools Checklist

Grilling can be one of the best, bother-free styles for outdoor cooking. However, this is possible with just the right grilling tools and accessories. Grilling toolkits are available from reliable department stores and online merchants. You can also find important information on the same from reliable websites such as

With proper tools, you can experience the joy of grilling all the year round. Besides, you don’t need to attend a culinary school or work in a high-end restaurant in order to be a great griller. Instead, what you need are great tools to make your work easier, keep your grilling space clean, and to make the activity fun. In addition to the information you can get from grilling sites such as, here is what you need to get started.

Categories of Grilling Tools

Grilling tools are available in different types, as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Tongs: these are important for keeping your hands away from the flames, especially the ones with long handles. With them, you are able to lift and rotate your meat or vegetable without fear of burning your hands.
  • Grilling Spatula: this grilling tool comes with a long handle and a slim-blade turner. It’s a very useful tool, especially in high temperatures.
  • Gloves or mitts: made of fire or heat resistant material, these gloves help you grab the barbecue items more easily. They are made of leather or cotton, with a touch of rubber.
  • Bras Brush: the grilling brush comes with wire bristles to help you remove burned pieces of meat or other residues that may stick on the grates. You can use the brush to clean the racks after each use. It also comes with a scraper at the end, which you can use in hard to clean parts of the grates.
  • Basting Brush: it’s made of silicone so it can withstand high temperatures. It is also easy to clean and safe with most types of meat
  • The Grilling Thermometer:  with this tool, you will not guess about the temperatures. With high accuracy, you will know exactly when your meat is ready for the table.

What to Consider What You Shop

Various purchase considerations come with grilling tools. For instance, if you are a beginner with the grilling machine and the accessories, you should have a grilling tool kit. The kit can expose the essentials and show what you need to add as you grow in skills and experience. You can store grilling tools with the grilling machine or keep them inside a cabinet and get them when you need them.

The Toolkit: first, shop around and visit relevant websites such as to know the contents of a grilling tool kit. Some tools can be cheap, but may not withstand the intense grilling flame. Go for the right accessories that can last, even if I t means paying a little more.

Consider Materials: For the handles, consider wood, rubber, or stainless steel. If possible, hold the equipment to test the grip. Besides, consider outdoor elements, especially if accessories will stay outside. It is also advisable to buy the accessories based on the size of your grill machine.

The different facets of a catering business

These days, catering service has turned out to be one of the promising fields in business. The prospects in this business are highlighted by Kevin Scott, business correspondent of Herald Scotland. Kevin mentions that during the last year, the corporate catering business has registered an increase of about 50%. Further, as in any other business, even the catering business has turned out to be a field of specialization. One such area of specialization is baked potato catering.

Mouthwatering potato recipe:

Yes, this type of catering is different from corporate catering, camp catering or wedding catering. As the very name suggests, in baked potato catering, recipes are prepared with potato as the main ingredient. On July 23, 2016, published a picture of a woman displaying a BBQ stuffed baked potato manufactured by her master. Incidentally, this exclusive recipe happened to be the business spotlight of the week. This highlights the unique feature of this exclusive recipe.

Tuna rolled mix:

Some of the innovative caterers have brought out exclusive recipes of baked potatoes. Take, for example, Tuna Mix which is one of the popular recipes. This recipe is prepared by mixing tuna chunks with mild red onion and cooked jacket potato. This is now rolled over mayonnaise (a mix of beaten egg yolk with olive oil).

Tasty veg chilli potato:

Veg Chilli is yet another popular baked potato catering recipe. This recipe is prepared by cooking chick peas, butter beans, kidney beans and any of the seasonal vegetables. Heat olive oil and put the vegetables and add salt to taste. Cut the potatoes into four pieces and fill the vegetables.

Specially designed menus for events:

The caterers engaged in event catering in the Midlands, for example, undertake catering service for any of the exclusive events. For example, it may be a wedding party, birthday party, graduation party; in short, the catering service would be available for every type of event. The menu is customized depending on the theme of the party.

Other services:

Normally, the firms which offer services of event catering in Leicester undertake varieties of other services like table decoration, lighting, decorating the venue and also serving the food. In addition to this, they also undertake to dispose the used plates, left-over food and such other waste as per standard norms. They also undertake to clean the venue after the event.

Specially designed for cyclists:

Cycling is one of the challenging events in England, France and several other European countries. Hundreds of cyclists participate in this event. During the event, the participants would need some solid food so that they get enough energy to peddle their way to the destination. For the benefit of cyclists, some of the caterers provide exclusive cycling event catering facility. The caterers prepare exclusive burgers and such other foods for the benefit of the cyclists. The exclusive preparation is provided to the cyclists at places identified by the organizers of the event.

Promising business:

In addition to these, the caterers undertake community event catering as well. Such services are normally available during festivals, carnivals and such other occasions. Catering is a promising business, but the success in this business is largely dependent not only on the mouthwatering recipes but also on allied services that you provide.

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Finger Food Recipes to Add to Your Catering Menu

If you are planning a party, the first thing you should get sorted is the caterer. You need to choose a caterer that is not only reputed for their services but can also meet your requirements. For example, if you are hosting a casual-themed party, you must look for finger food catering Melbourne has to offer. Finger food recipes will add to the relaxing vibe of the party and make it seem more fun for your guests. finger food catering melbourne To help you plan for event catering Melbourne has, you should list down a few recipe ideas. This will be coordinated with a company that offers catering Melbourne CBD has today so they can prepare it for your party. Below are fun recipes to incorporate into your contract with finger food catering Melbourne has (if you’re in the city I’m living in): Pizza Wheels For those of you who haven’t tried this before, it is basically a pizza (crust with tomato sauce and meat toppings) that is formed into rolls instead of the traditional big round pizza. It makes it easy to bite into and enjoy the food in a casual party setting. Potato Salad Bites This is another hit offered by finger food catering Melbourne has today. This is easy to prepare wherein you stuff potato salad into baked potato slices. This is a popular recipe for appetizers but can be incorporated into your finger food menu! Mini Corn Dogs Another classic recipe that your guests will love – mini corn dog is basically hotdog on a stick that is coated with a thick batter. You can also provide variety to this traditional recipe by offering a wide range of dips. Crab Cakes Love to serve seafood to your guests? A traditional crab cake recipe would be a hit at your party! It is an easy to prepare recipe that offers a lot of savory goodness that your guests will enjoy. Mini Caprese Bites If you want to keep your menu a bit on the gourmet side, the mini caprese bites is a great choice. The best part about preparing caprese bites is that you can choose many alternatives based on your preference. Bruschetta This Italian classic is another fun recipe to add to your finger food catering menu. The versatility of bruschetta is what makes it appeal to more people – you can choose to add savory or sweet toppings to it. Mini Sliders What’s more fun than eating burgers at a party? Chowing down on mini burger sliders! It is savory, delectable and truly enjoyable, especially for your guests with a huge appetite. Mini Cupcakes If you are going to build a dessert station for your party, make sure to include cupcakes into your menu. They are a classic favorite and will be a delight to your guests. Check out Essential Caterer Meatballs This is another savory option that appeals to party-goers of all age groups. Whether you are serving them for a kids or adults’ party, meatballs is a must in the menu! These are just some of the fun recipes to include for your finger food catering menu. Aside from being fun to consume, opting for finger foods can be an alternative if you are looking for cheap catering Melbourne has to offer. You can therefore stick to your budget while still keeping your guests satisfied! For more information, visit at