Activities Introverted Seniors Can Enjoy While Staying in an Aged Care Home

Although the term loner and introverts are often interchanged because of similar behavior traits, their mentality and reasons for wanting to be alone are completely different. Loners choose to be alone simply because they don’t want the company of others. Introverts need to be alone so they can recharge as they are easily stressed with too much stimulation and interaction with others. Whether your senior loved ones are loner or introverts, it is still important that they receive quality nursing care. When selecting an aged care Brisbane residence, it is important to ask if the centre has trained team members to care for seniors with different personality types.
How Personalities Differ
Myer Briggs is probably the most popular and widely accepted personality test that will help you determine the kind of personality you have. Below are the distinctions:
  • Extroverts – As per Myer Briggs tests, extroverts prefer frequent interaction and they draw their strengths from spending time with people. They will feel drained when they spend too much time alone. They are the types who seek adventure and fun most of the time.
  • Introverts – This type of people draw energy by spending time alone. If they spend so much time around people, they get easily tired. They prefer predictable situations because they are more sensitive to external stimulants.
How Care Facilities Can Help
When you suspect that your aging loved ones are either introverts or loners, you have to carefully choose an aged care residence that can provide for their specific needs. Too much isolation can lead to mental health issues or depression. That is why the aged care Brisbane residence must have a leisure and lifestyle team that are trained to help balance the needs of introverts and loners. Click here Aarcare
Below are a few activities that your introverted seniors can enjoy without compromising their need to be alone:
1. Pet Therapy. There are care residences that understand the importance of pet therapy for introverted seniors. Before you select a centre for aged care Brisbane has for your aging loved ones, inquire if they are allowed to bring in pets. Your seniors can opt for a pet that is small, quiet and friendly.
2. Bicycling. This activity is a good way to help your seniors stay in shape while allowing them to reflect inwardly. This is beneficial as long as your aged loved ones already know how to bike and have no problems riding a bicycle. Just be sure that the Brisbane aged care residence you choose has a backyard where seniors can bike or has access to safe bike lanes. It would even help if the centre will invite you and the rest of the family to join your aged senior do some cycling activity.
3. Drawing, Sketching or Calligraphy. If your seniors have any inclination to artistic pursuits like drawing, sketching or calligraphy, then select an aged care in Brisbane that offers these activities for your introverted loved ones to enjoy. Instead of allowing them to think and do nothing, why not keep their hands busy in a quiet and productive way. Although these sessions are done in groups, they are still allowed to sit on their own and do their own thing.
The above are just a few activities that your introverted seniors can enjoy while staying in Brisbane aged care villages. You have to remember that not all seniors are the same. They have different preferences. To ensure that the residence you choose is perfect for your aging loved ones, make sure to involve them in the decision-making process. This will avoid future disappointments and unnecessary stress for all concerned. Visit

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