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Why it’s the best time to buy a Pokemon toy online!

This year demarcates the 20th birth anniversary of Pokemon that was originally released as Pokemon games, and 2016 is going to be the perfect year to buy Pokemon toys online and be a die-hard Pokemon fan. It is a franchise that never quits and has been furthering its legacy with each passing year. Pokemon was launched in 1996 when it was named Red and Green, but the name was later changed to Blue for the Western release. Even today, all things related to Pokemon, including the children’s television series, games, toys and merchandise are getting stronger each year and with the brand completing its 20th anniversary, you can hardly find a time more suitable to immerse in Pokemon demographics.

New releases to captivate new fans

2015 was comparatively a disappointing year for all the Pokemon fans owing to no major release in the West. However, promises of new releases to flock in 2016 ranging from Pokemon Blue, Yellow and Red to Pikachu available to Build-a-Bear, from Pokken Tournament for Wii U to re-release of original trading cards of the Pokemon filled many with joy and excitement. There are some people who aren’t true Pokemon fans, but the latest releases are so engrossing that anyone would fall for them.

Upcoming Pokemon games to enthrall you

If you had been a fan of older games of Pokemon like the Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, etc., you can now enjoy them even more with the remake. Experts speculate that there may be a release of Pokemon Z in the remaining months of the year due to the revelation of Shadow Mewtwoin the Pokken Tournament Mewtwo. Nintendo has finally decided to release something that most Pokemon fans had been yearning for.

Understanding the levels of difficulty

When you go to buy Pokemon toys online, you will be overwhelmed with the Pokemon Go that has already captivated different countries’ players. When you are planning to get one of the top-selling Pokemon toys, you can have a look at these easily accessible cheap pokemon toys online on almost all websites.

·        Pokemon Action Figure 144 set:  You can buy any standalone Pokemon action figure since plenty of them are available in the market. But wouldn’t it be very pleasing if you can avail hundreds of action figures in a set? This toy offers 144 figures in which, each of them measures about 1.5 to 2.5 cm and would make an ideal addition to any Pokemon collection.

·        TOMY Pokemon trainer kit: Do you fancy yourself as a trainer of Pokemons? Then this toy set is all you need to train Pokemon and be like Ash. It comprises of replica of gloves of Ash, a Pokedex and 15 Pokedex ID.

Plus, you can also take a look at popular toys like Pokemon Super Action Figure 4 pack, Monopoly Pokemon Kanto Edition, Pokemon Nanoblock diamond blocks, Pokemon Lights and Sounds Poke Ball, Pokemon Interaction Pokedex among others. More details at mrtoys.

With so much buzz around, if you buy Pokemon toys online and give them to a small kid or for the child within you, the idea won’t be bad, not at all.